What is KubeMQ?

KubeMQ is a Cloud Native, enterprise grade, message broker for distributed services architecture.

KubeMQ is delivered as a small, lightweight Docker container, designed for any type of workload and architecture running in Kubernetes or any other container orchestration system which support Docker.

Main Features

  • All-batteries included Messaging Broker for Kubernetes environment
  • Blazing fast (written in Go), small and lightweight Docker container
  • Asynchronous and Synchronous messaging with support for At Most Once Delivery and At Least Once Delivery models
  • Supports Pub/Sub (Events), Pub/Sub with Persistence (Events Store), CQRS (Command,Query) messaging patterns
  • Supports gRPC, Rest and WebSocket Transport protocols with TLS support (both RPC and Stream modes)
  • Runs in Single and cluster modes
  • No Message broker configuration needed (i.e. queues, exchanges)
  • Built-in Caching, Metrics, and Tracing
  • .Net, Java, Python, Go, and NodeJS(coming-soon) SDK
  • MSSQL and MSMQ Connectors (AMQP and JMS coming-soon)
  • Monitoring Dashboard
Last Updated: 2/19/2019, 2:11:07 PM