Install KubeMQ operator

Find KubeMQ Operator

  1. Open Operators/OperatorHub

  2. Goto Streaming & Messaging

  3. Type KubeMQ in search box

  4. Click on KubeMQ Enterprise Operator

Install KubeMQ Operator

  1. Set Installation mode to A specific namespace on the cluster

  2. Set the namespace

  3. Click Subscribe

Verify Operator Installation

Install KubeMQ Cluster Enterprise Edition

  1. Click On KubeMQ Cluster

  2. Click on Create New

  3. A yaml editor will open with default configuration will open

  4. Click Create

For all installations of Kubemq in Openshift platform, a License key is required.

Obtain free license key: Register‚Äč

Verify KubeMQ Cluster Installation


Check out cluster configuration setting available: