What is KubeMQ?

KubeMQ is a Kubernetes Message Queue Broker.
Enterprise-grade message broker and message queue, scalable, high available and secured. A Kubernetes native solution in a lightweight container, deployed in just one minute.

Main Features

    All-batteries included Messaging Queue Broker for Kubernetes environment
    Deployed with Operator for full life cycle operation
    Blazing fast (written in Go), small and lightweight Docker container
    Asynchronous and Synchronous messaging with support for At Most Once Delivery and At Least Once Delivery models
    Supports durable FIFO based Queue, Publish-Subscribe Events, Publish-Subscribe with Persistence (Events Store), RPC Command and Query messaging patterns
    Supports gRPC, Rest and WebSocket Transport protocols with TLS support (both RPC and Stream modes)
    Supports Access control Authorization and Authentication
    Supports message masticating and smart routing
    No Message broker configuration needed (i.e., queues, exchanges)
    .Net, Java, Python, Go and NodeJS SDKs
    Monitoring Dashboard

Kubernetes Ready

Messaging Patterns


KubeMQ supports distributed durable FIFO based queues with the following core features:
    Guaranteed Delivery - At-least-once delivery and most messages are delivered exactly once.
    Single and Batch Messages Send and Receive - Single and multiple messages in one call
    RPC and Stream Flows - RPC flow allows an insert and pull messages in one call. Stream flow allows single message consuming in transactional way
    Message Policy - Each message can be configured with expiration and delay timers. In addition, each message can specify a dead-letter queue for unprocessed messages attempts
    Long Polling - Consumers can wait until a message available in the queue to consume
    Peak Messages - Consumers can peek into a queue without removing them from the queue
    Ack All Queue Messages - Any client can mark all the messages in a queue as discarded and will not be available anymore to consume
    Visibility timers - Consumers can pull a message from the queue and set a timer which will cause the message not be visible to other consumers. This timer can be extended as needed.
    Resend Messages - Consumers can send back a message they pulled to a new queue or send a modified message to the same queue for further processing.


KubeMQ supports Publish-Subscribe (a.k.a Pub/Sub) messages patterns with the following core features:
    Events - An asynchronous real-time Pub/Sub pattern.
    Events Store -An asynchronous Pub/Sub pattern with persistence.
    Grouping - Load balancing of events between subscribers


KubeMQ supports CQRS based RPC flows with the following core features:
    Commands - A synchronous two ways Command pattern for CQRS types of system architecture.
    Query - A synchronous two ways Query pattern for CQRS types of system architecture.
    Response - An answer for a Query type RPC call
    Timeout - Timeout interval is set for each RPC call. Once no response is received within the Timeout interval, RPC call return an error
    Grouping - Load balancing of RPC calls between receivers
    Caching - RPC response can be cached for future requests without the need to process again by a receiver


    gRPC - High performance RPC and streaming framework that can run in any environment, Open source and Cloud Native.
    Rest - Restful Api with WebSocket support for bi-directional streaming.


    C# - C# SDK based on gRPC
    Java - Java SDK based on gRPC
    Go - Go SDK based on gRPC
    Python - Python SDK based on gRPC
    cURL - cURL SDK based on Rest
    Node - Node SDK based on gRPC and Rest
    PHP - PHP SDK based on Rest
    Ruby - Ruby SDK based on Rest
    jQuery jQuery SDK based Rest

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