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Get Started

Kubemqctl is a command line interface (CLI) for KubeMQ Kubernetes Message Broker.
kubemqctl [command]
Available Commands:
commands Execute Kubemq 'commands' RPC commands
config Run Kubemqctl configuration wizard command
create Executes Kubemq create commands
delete Executes delete commands
events Execute Kubemq 'events' Pub/Sub commands
events_store Execute Kubemq 'events_store' Pub/Sub commands
get Executes Kubemq get commands
help Help about any command
queries Execute Kubemq 'queries' RPC based commands
queues Execute Kubemq 'queues' commands
scale Executes Kubemq scale commands
set Executes set commands
--config string set kubemqctl configuration file (default "./.kubemqctl.yaml")
-h, --help help for kubemqctl
Use "kubemqctl [command] --help" for more information about a command.


sudo curl -sL | sudo sh

Option 1:

  • Place the file under e.g. C:\Program Files\kubemqctl\kubemqctl.exe
  • Add that directory to your system path to access it from any command prompt

Option 2:

Run in PowerShell as administrator:
New-Item -ItemType Directory 'C:\Program Files\kubemqctl'
Invoke-WebRequest -OutFile 'C:\Program Files\kubemqctl\kubemqctl.exe'
$env:Path += ';C:\Program Files\kubemqctl'