Create a Kubemq dashboard command


Create command allows to deploy a Kubemq Dashboard with configuration options
kubemqctl create dashboard [flags]


# Create default Kubemq Dashboard
kubemqctl create dashboard
# Create Kubemq dashboard with options - get all flags
kubemqctl create dashboard --help


--dry-run generate dashboard configuration without execute
--grafana-dashboard-url string set grafana dashboard url image
--grafana-image string set grafana docker image
-h, --help help for dashboard
--name string set kubemq dashboard name (default "kubemq-dashboard")
-n, --namespace string set kubemq dashboard namespace (default "kubemq")
-p, --port int32 set kubemq dashboard port
--prometheus-image string set prometheus docker image
--prometheus-port int32 set export prometheus port

Options inherited from parent commands

--config string set kubemqctl configuration file (default "./.kubemqctl.yaml")
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